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OGIS GmbH and Glass Global Consulting GmbH have teamed up and have developed the world’s first analysis tool for the glass industry. Glass manufacturers have on-demand access to a web-based analysis tool that allows them to quickly and easily analyze complex process parameters. “Glass engineering on demand” offers rich functionality to make sure you get your glass, ingredients and batch data just right.

This 24-hour web-enabled tool incorporates all facets of the glass-making process from thermal engineering to operating data analysis.


Raw material, batch and glass analysis (oxide balance, price balance and scale tolerances), determination of glass characteristics (f.ex. viscosity, density, thermal expansion, fusibility, electrical characteristics, thermal conductivity, and much more...). Complete energy balance calculation, conversion into AOF melter, oxy-boosting,...

Online Glass Engineering

With Online Glass Engineering, glass factories are provided with a perfect program to execute various kinds of calculation any time, whenever needed or required to check profitability or potential of optimization.

Server or USB Stick Version

Glass Engineering On Demand is also available as offline version for use on a server or on USB stick. Use all functions of this unique tool flexibly on any PC offline wherever you are.

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“Glass engineering on demand” gives glass manufacturers the transparency they need to systematically optimize their production processes. Get your free trial access for three weeks.

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